Founders Letter

Giving Time

Co-founders Byron and Dexter Peart reflect on the Art of Giving Time.

Photography by Richmond Lam and Byron and Dexter's personal collection

Giving Time

If there’s one experience we’ve shared throughout this pandemic, it’s been our evolving relationship with time itself. Many of us have been doing double-time — family and career — with no alone-time at all. Others have been left with too much time in which to contemplate. And the tricks we relied on to save time – ordering delivery instead of home-cooking – briefly stopped working altogether. Suddenly, we were saving 40 minutes by not commuting but spending an hour buying groceries. These are unequal times we live in, but this much is universal: we’ve all become acutely aware of the passage of time.

We believe that good things take time. Ideas need time to formulate and friendship requires time to strengthen. To be frank, beautiful things are rarely delivered same-day.

Exploring the notion of time is of paramount interest to us at Goodee. For us, the natural harmony of past, present, and future is steeped into our work. History and tradition shape how we see the world and compel us to honor who and what came before us. You can see this in the products – a Colombian clay pot, for example, a timeless piece crafted with an ancestral process but designed for using today. And supporting makers that don’t disrupt the environment or leave a trail of waste, that’s our obligation to the future.

We believe that good things take time. Ideas need time to formulate and friendship requires time to strengthen. To be frank, beautiful things are rarely delivered same-day. All of us know quality innately – we experience it when we touch handcrafted pottery or taste a homemade stew. We tend to even savor it for a bit longer, giving it more time because our body and soul recognize how much more time it took to make.

“In years past, my wife Maria gifted me a bundle of spa appointments each holiday. Not exactly groundbreaking until you realize that it’s an invaluable gift of solitude, of quiet and, importantly, it’s the permission for me to take that time for myself — no guilt.” — Dexter

dex and maria

Dexter and his wife, Maria.

We spend so much energy trying to “save time” – to bend time to our will. But as we recalibrate right now, we can start to appreciate that time itself is a wonderful thing to give. When the two of us reminisce about the most cherished gifts we’ve received, the constant seems to be time.

“Twelve years ago, my father-in-law Uwe, a lifelong coin collector, surprised me by passing down one of his keepsakes each year to me, his “second son.” This unique token of his love and affection for me captured in a lifetime of memories has now become a yearly gifting ritual.” — Byron

Perhaps this moment can serve to remind us that giving is not only an act, but also an art — a gesture to represent a sentiment of sharing and togetherness. A blanket to say, I wish I was there to cuddle with you. A handmade bowl to say, soon, we’ll break bread together. In lieu of these acts of togetherness, these gifts can help tell the people we love, that we care.

byron coin

A selection of Byron’s collection of sterling silver commemorative coins gifted by his father-in-law, Uwe. (L.) 25 years of German Unity and (R.) 100 years of “Bauhaus” Design

In this series, “Art of Giving,” you’ll find stories that take you from Nairobi to London, Montréal to Kentucky. We’ve asked our collaborators to contemplate what giving means to them and we hope you’ll find their solutions inspire your own.

One final thought. Our older Kevin, the one with the best jokes, the one who isn’t chatty like we are, but more like our dad — saying more with less — shared something years ago that really stuck with us. He said, “There are two types of people in this world: Givers and Takers. You guys are Givers. And the world doesn’t have enough Givers.” Today we look around and see what Goodee has become: A community of givers. The fact that you took the time to read this means you’re a giver, too. And for that, we’re ever grateful.


b/d signature

Byron & Dexter

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