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Giving Care This Mother's Day

Photography sourced from contributors.
Featuring Nicole Chapoteau, Shannae Ingleton Smith and Mystique Mattai.

Giving Care This Mother's Day

This Mother's Day, we celebrate mothers and all mother figures who continue to give us so much, especially in this last year. We asked three inspiring moms to share their perspectives on the act of giving care to themselves and what this has meant for them in one of the most transformative years on a global scale. Read to discover and Happy Mother's Day!

Mystique Mattai, Food Stylist, Photographer and 1/2 of Chef Sous Chef

"I’m a firm believer in the “oxygen mask theory” — that you can’t give to anyone fully if you don’t put yourself first. This past year I was pregnant with my first child, and it was the first time I ever actioned that, putting my entire well-being first. No longer was my body just mine, it was my daughter’s first home, a place I nourished, cared for and spoke kind to. Kindness toward myself is something I’ve really tried to take with me even into postpartum, and something I’m very conscious of especially when it comes to how I care for myself now as a mother."

Find out more about Mystique here.

Shannae Ingleton Smith, CoFounder of @CanadianBlackStandard

"For me, taking care of my family goes hand in hand with taking care of myself. Between the responsibilities associated with running an agency and creating content for my personal brand, any moment that I can “turn it off” and spend time alone is something that I cherish. This time that I use to recharge allows me to be the best wife and mom to my husband Sean and daughter Kensington. Lately, I’ve also been making a concerted effort to eat cleaner and drink more green juice. When I treat my body well, I generally feel better about myself, not to mention that the much-needed boost of energy and alertness have been key to getting through this challenging year."

Find out more about Shannae here.

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