Standing Out in the Field

Standing Out in the Field with Nicole Wong

Montreal-based creative Nicole Wong immerses herself in the Goodee Candle multiverse

Words and photography by Nicole Wong


Standing Out in the Field with Nicole Wong

Montreal-based creative Nicole Wong immerses herself in the Goodee Candle multiverse.

Words and photography by Nicole Wong


The Goodee Field Candle

A little before the onset of the pandemic, I transitioned to working from home in a city that was unfamiliar to me. Not knowing many people, plus having to get used to the negative temperatures of late fall and winter, I needed to find ways to make my new home feel more like my own. This was difficult to do in a space where most of the furniture and décor was already there when I moved in, but I knew that scent would be a great way to find that comfort.

Scent has a powerful way of reaching us on a deeper level. It can transport us to a place and time, ease our tension, and change the ambiance of a space. These are the reasons why I love a great scented candle. The intentionality behind lighting one and having its aroma fill a room is super grounding for me.


The Goodee Mountain Candle

So, on a particularly difficult week where work deadlines converged and stress levels increased, I sought out a salve in the form of Goodee’s candle collection. Upon unboxing the candles, I was immediately hit with their beautiful fragrances, with each one transporting me to a new environment. Memories of my home province of British Columbia came through as I discovered Forest, while Field’s breezy notes took me on a rerun of my recent Provençal adventures. The crisp and slightly fruity scent of Ocean was such a mood-booster and contrasted the smoky and autumnal vibes of Mountain.

The Goodee Forest Candle

When one of the Goodee candles burned, I could close my eyes for a few minutes, take a handful of deep breaths, and I’d open my eyes feeling so much calmer. I loved the layered complexity of each candle’s notes and how well the scents filled any room. Trust me when I say there’s nothing worse than a weakly-scented candle, so the Goodee ones ticked all the right boxes in this category.



The Goodee Ocean Candle

A candle is both a functional and decorative item, and while I know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, I also love it when their design is thoughtfully considered. The vessel is just as important to me as what’s inside—something that I’ll consider when investing in a new candle. When I lit each Goodee candle, the sweeping colors of the handcrafted glass vessels—combined with their entrancing perfume—added to the sensorial journeys on which I went. It was an easy escape without having to set a foot outside. I found myself getting lost in the glowing colors of the vessels, discovering new details with each glance and letting my anxieties of the moment slip away.

Nicole cleans out her Goodee Mountain Candle to repurpose it as a pen holder

And when these candles reach the end of their lives, I love that you can give them new ones by cleaning out the vessels, reincarnating them into catch-alls for bits and bobs, or even turning a few into a set of drinking glasses. Not all of my candles receive this treatment, though they do get recycled accordingly, but I can guarantee that each of the Goodee ones will be repurposed and treasured long after their flame burns out.

To some, I know that a candle purchase may seem trivial. They may even say that you're watching your money burn. For others, myself included, there's more to a candle than what meets the eye. It's never just some wax encased in a pretty jar. A quality scented candle has the power to transport your spirit. With the flick of a match, it can abate stress and tension. Sure, a candle isn't going to solve all of your problems, but if it can help create a space—both physical and mental—that gives you comfort, light up.


The Goodee Mountain vessel, with all branding removed, being used as a small vase

About Nicole Wong

Nicole is a marketing professional working in the luxury goods industry. Outside of her 9-5, you can find her trying a new restaurant, catching a contemporary art exhibition, or cozying up on the couch with a good film.