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Transitioning to Fall

Words by Sarah Lyon

Transitioning to Fall

Nanimarquina Silhouette Rug
Photography courtesy of Nanimarquina

This summer, we continue to witness the horrific effects of global warming and experienced scorching temps—but with the end of summer on the horizon, it is time to prepare for chillier days ahead and hunkering down at home. As we begin to settle into our autumn routines, it’s important to take inventory of our surroundings, too, and prepare our spaces to be as warm and comforting as they can be, as cozy season sets in. One key component of this process? Finding ways to be both eco-conscious and design-conscious as we improve our homes. We’ve outlined some simple tips below to help you get started.

Fall 1 - The Hydra Throw by Teixidors

Featuring The Hydra Throw by Teixidors
Photography courtesy of The Room Studio

Keep Things Cozy

When thinking ahead to brisk days on the horizon, you’ll want to consider the items that you’ll need on hand so as to stay warm and cozy inside your home. Many people use different bedding sets for summer and winter; if your cold weather bedding could use a boost, consider purchasing a throw blanket, too. Throws are both functional and aesthetically pleasing—select a pattern that complements your space; whether you opt for something striped or neutral is up to you.

Goodee rPET Jacquard Pillow and VISO Tapestry Blanket

Featuring the rPET Jacquard Pillow - Javan Leopard - Amber and Viso Tapestry Blanket
Photography Samuel Pasquier

Because most of us spend an increased amount of time indoors as soon as the temperatures dip, it’s important to think about ways to maximize your quality of life while inside. Those who enjoy reading or watching movies in bed or on the sofa will want to ensure they have plenty of pillows in order to keep nice and comfy while lounging. Truly, the more pillows, the merrier—pillows are an excellent way to experiment with new colors and patterns without making a major commitment.

Fall 3 - Frama Fragrances

Featuring Frama Fragrances
Photography courtesy of FRAMA

After you tackle these basics, it’s time to look into lighting. Everyone’s space could use some extra light in the colder months, and candles bring that luxe, hotel-like experience we all crave to life. Plus, you can give your lamps a bit of a break and recreate a cozy cabin experience in the comfort of your own apartment. Bonus points if the candles you choose smell amazing—we particularly like more woodsy scents for chillier months, but you can’t go wrong with any fragrance.

Nanimarquina Tres Rug

Featuring Nanimarquina Rug
Photography courtesy of Nanimarquina

Stay Nice and Warm

Ensuring that your space is well-insulated will ultimately allow you to save money and cut back on energy usage. Rugs help provide insulation in a room (and many apartment buildings require that the bulk of one’s floors are covered anyway). We love layering rugs in order to create a lived-in look, but they shine on their own, too. Curtains play a similar role and also help make a space appear more complete. 

When it comes to all things warm, let’s not forget about warmer tones. Studies on the psychological effects of color have shown that warmer hues do make us feel more warm and fuzzy inside, which is particularly key when it’s gloomy and gray out. Earth tones also fall within this category and can be incorporated into any room of the home; no need to solely think about your main living areas.

Fall 5 - Goodee pillows

Featuring Goodee Pillows
Photography Celia Spenard-Ko

Stick With the Classics

When investing in home pieces for fall, keep in mind that trends come and go—you’ll want to opt for finds that will make you happy year after year. You’ll ultimately be creating less waste if you buy only what you love. But that’s not all—To promote sustainable practices, consider purchasing pieces made from recycled materials or those that give back to marginalized communities. There’s a whole lot of good you can be doing while prepping for the season ahead and making your pad look pretty darn amazing.

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