Ways to Repurpose Your GOODEE Candle Vessel

Words by Alexia Jacquot
GIFs by Celia Spenard-Ko

Ways to Repurpose Your GOODEE Candle Vessel

Field vessel as a vase

Just because your Goodee candle has reached the end of its scented life doesn't mean you can't still appreciate the beauty of its vibrant hand-blown glass vessel for years to come. With nature-inspired custom colors unique to each candle scent, each piece is a fine example of the ancient art of Venetian glass blowing — and a source of enduring joy just waiting to be upcycled. Here are some of our favorite ways to repurpose them.

Gif 2- GOODEE Candle Vessel

Mountain and Field vessels as vases for Ikebana arrangements

Dress up your shelves or mantel

Use it as a bud vase for little blooms, fill it with a homemade potpourri, place a tealight inside or even a string of LED fairy lights, turn it into a photo frame (choose a photo that fits inside and turn the vessel upside down) — the possibilities are infinite.

House a tiny plant

Choose a plant that doesn’t require drainage like a baby spider plant, pothos or small anthurium, or host starter plants before they need to be transplanted. These mini planters will create an arresting scene on your windowsill.

Image 4 - GOODEE Candle vessle

Field, Mountain and Ocean vessels as glasses

Serve drinks

Our cheerful vessels make the perfect pick-me-up while sipping your water, juice, or signature cocktail. Start collecting them for an eclectic set-up at your dinner parties.

Upcycle as bathroom storage 

Add a touch of color to your bathroom: Repurpose our swirly design as a pretty home for your toothpaste and toothbrushes, or as a little container for your eco-friendly cotton buds or floss.

Gif 5- GOODEE Candle Vessel

Ocean vessel as vanity organizer

Tidy your vanity 

Is there a more precious way to store your beauty essentials? Our eye-catching vessels are perfect for holding your make-up brushes, eye pencils and lip glosses, reusable make-up pads, hair-ties, and more. Group a few for a joy-inducing vignette.

Organize your workspace

Pens, pencils, paintbrushes, paper clips — keep them all organized with our hand-crafted glass vessels. These makeshift office desk accessories are sure to brighten up your workday.

Turn it into a handy catch-all jar

Add a decorative touch to an entry table or nightstand with our repurposed candle vessel to store your loose change, keys, small pieces of jewelry, tech items and other trinkets you might have lying around.


Field vessel as incense holder

Start a new scent journey

Fill the vessel halfway with white ash to burn your favorite incense sticks or fragrant wood shavings, in Japanese fashion.

Make a new candle

Want to try your hand at candle-pouring? Look no further — here’s the perfect vessel for it!

Regift it

Spread the joy and give our beautiful vessel a new home by passing it to a loved one. We’re pretty sure they’ll be delighted with this gift that keeps on giving.

How will you repurpose your Goodee candle vessel after the wax runs out? We’d love to see it! Be sure to share with us by posting on social media and tagging @GoodeeWorld.

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