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A Well Traveled Home
A Well Traveled Home

Home is where the heart is, no matter how far we travel. Infuse your love of worldly adventures into your space with carefully hand-picked treasures from around the globe that remind you of places you’ve been, or take you to the destinations you long to explore.

Honor the cultures that inspire you

When you choose artisan-made pieces from our curated collection, you’re not only supporting the makers who are telling the stories of generations past but also the entire cultural context in which these objects find meaning. You’re helping preserve crafts that are unique to their communities.

Embrace color

Make it bright, joyful, and a true reflection of your vibrant personality with thoughtfully-picked décor accessories — such as throw pillows, blankets, storage baskets, or wall hangings — in rich hues or warm neutrals. (When in doubt, stick to two to three colors at most.)

Play with patterns

Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns and textures for a lived-in, multilayered, culture-conscious look. Start by selecting one statement motif that will set the tone, introduce different scales, and bring textures into the mix (color could be used to create a cohesive feel).

Reach for the organic

Choose furnishings fashioned from locally-sourced natural materials. Whether it’s a woven tule stool from the Mexico City region, traditional ceramics from Colombia or a lamp fixture crafted from elephant grass in northern Ghana, these special finds carry the spirit of a given place.

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