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The story of the Basotho blankets is deeply woven into the history of Lesotho. It is said that King Moshoeshoe I, the founder of the Basotho nation, was gifted a wool blanket in 1860 that he began to wear in place of the traditional leopard-skin kaross. Over time, blankets became an integral part of Basotho life, not just as protection against the elements, but as an expression of identity. Initially manufactured in England, they are now produced in South Africa by Aranda Textiles, a family-owned, transparently-run business established in 1953 by Italian immigrants. Each design is approved by the royal family of Lesotho, crafted responsibly, and helps bring clean water to rural communities in the region.

Basotho Heritage Blankets supports


Heritage Craft Preservation

This product supports the preservation of heritage crafts and enables artisans to create sustainable livelihoods through their traditional skills

Community Engagement

This organization actively engages in local initiatives in the communities in which it serves.

Kharetsa Blanket

Basotho Heritage Blankets


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Seanamarena Blanket
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Seanamarena Blanket

Basotho Heritage Blankets


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Why Goodee Loves Basotho Heritage Blankets

The Basotho blanket is a hallmark of the Basotho nation. Beyond honoring their cultural heritage, each beautifully crafted piece helps create a lasting impact in the local community through meaningful job creation and philanthropy.