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Crafting beautiful, essential, Scandinavian designs for the home, Skagerak does more than honor the tradition of its Danish origins—it presents classic ideas in new, sustainable ways. A certified B Corp, Skagerak works with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to utilize responsibly-sourced wood. A member of the UN Global Impact Denmark and the Business Social Compliance Initiative, this family-owned brand champions methods that promote quality design while making the world we live in a healthier one.

Skagerak supports


Natural Materials

This product has been crafted with materials that are derived from plants, animals, or other naturally occurring materials.

Carbon Reduction

The production process of this product uses the latest technology and innovative techniques to reduce carbon emissions.

Corporate Reporting

This company is transparent in its business practices and reports annually on how it’s furthering its values and achieving its impact goals.

Fionia Stool



Georg Bench



Georg Mirror



Edge Mug and Milk Jug Set
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Edge Mug and Milk Jug Set



Edge Pot Ø35, Outdoor - Light Grey
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Edge Pot Ø25, Outdoor - Terracotta
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Edge Pot Ø25, Outdoor - Light Grey
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