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How We Work

Goodee is a leading curated marketplace where the conscious-minded consumer can find an array of beautiful, essential, and timeless items for the home. Each item on our platform is carefully vetted by our in-house sustainability team to ensure that they are ethically made and transparently sourced. That means all of our partner brands and makers must report to us on their materials, supply chain, labour standards, ecological footprint, and business practices. 

We are committed to ensuring that each item sold on Goodee is able to tell a story that’s beautiful, authentic, and honest.

Core Ethics

Our values are simple and easy to remember. We’re a human-centered platform and are driven by our unrelenting desire to co-create a better world. We believe that creativity is what ignites us, diversity is what emboldens us, and thoughtful consideration for our planet is what empowers us. We embrace a diversity of thought and believe that the exchange of knowledge and experiences is what guides us toward building a more beautiful, connected, and equitable world.

Our Story

In 2017, acclaimed designers and curators Byron and Dexter Peart set out on a new mission. After founding the acclaimed brand WANT les Essentiels de la Vie in 2000, the duo set out on a new venture with the same aim of launching and developing meaningful brands. This time, however, the pair decided to work exclusively with products and items that make a strong social or environmental impact. Goodee is leading the charge in curating a marketplace that brings together the values of good design and good purpose. With a fast-growing team split between Montreal and New York, Byron and Dexter act as the lead curators for the platform, which is set to become a global e-commerce platform and storytelling destination.

Byron and Dexter PeartByron & Dexter Peart