ecoBirdy B2B

The eco-friendly revolution with ecoBirdy's patented ecothylene® technology, exclusively distributed in North America by GOODEE.

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Why choose ecoBirdy?

Ergonomic & Inclusive Design

Merging aesthetics and functionality. Supportive design and usability meet with elegant appearance.

Unique Pieces

Each item is unique, it provides inspiration about sustainable living. The designs are made to last and to bring a sophisticated look to any setting.


No harmful chemicals are used, the materials are fully recycled and recyclable.

Easy to Clean

The newest technology is used, to ensure that the surfaces can be cleaned effortlessly and are hygienic and stain resistant.

"Made in Italy & Belgium, this B Corp Certified & award-winning brand employs an exclusive system that collects, recycles, and sorts used plastic and products and upcycles them into furniture for kids and adults."

Looking for adult sizes?

We have good news: The Belgian studio recently debuted a collection designed for grown-ups and we’re bringing it to you first.

The Richard Chair and the Judy Side Table are made from 100% recycled plastic waste (the kind that’s usually considered too tricky to recycle). They’re also fully recyclable — just like the kids’ designs.”

The Frost Tables have a stunning speckled top created from recycled plastic refrigerator parts and the elegant pedestal base is constructed of steel with a natural wax coating, making these tables sturdy and durable.

Richard Chair

Judy Side Table

Small Frost Table

Large Forst Table

Features & Benefits

Outdoor Suitable (all colors)

Commercial / Contract Quality


2 Year Warranty

"Built entirely from recycled plastic toys, this Belgian line of child-size tables and chairs is suffused with fun to its core. With confetti colors and an appealing blocky design (buffered by rounded edges), these statement pieces are easy to clean and light enough to be moved from playroom to patio without a hitch. (Rest assured, envious adults: The company makes grown-up versions, too, in neutral colorways.)”

-“Best Kids Furniture” via Architectural Digest