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Founded in 2002 by Salime Harp Cruces, an engineer, and Christian Thornton, a glass artist, Xaquixe is a pioneering glassblowing studio tucked away in the hills of Oaxaca, one of the most economically marginalized states in Mexico. Combining innovative glass design with planet-friendly production practices, Xaquixe creates beautiful handblown glassware from locally-sourced bottles. From implementing glass collection and recycling systems with local restaurants and hotels to designing energy-efficient kilns using waste as biofuel, the studio’s holistic approach means that every step of the process is optimized to make a positive impact on the community and the environment.

Xaquixe supports


Circular Economy

This product supports an economic system that minimizes waste and maximizes the function of each resource.

Community Engagement

This organization actively engages in local initiatives in the communities in which it serves.

Marginalized Communities

A portion of proceeds from the sale of this product go towards disenfranchised groups that are specific to the brand’s social and cultural community.

Heritage Craft Preservation

This product supports the preservation of heritage crafts and enables artisans to create sustainable livelihoods through their traditional skills

Recycled Materials

To reduce waste, the ingredients in this product use upcycled materials, including scrap and repurposed materials from discarded goods.

Why Goodee Loves Xaquixe

Xaquixe creates beauty from waste in a socially and environmentally conscious way. They are leading the way not only in promoting glass as an art form but also sustainability as a mindset in Oaxaca and beyond.