Founded by Syrian women, Oshana seeks to empower and rebuild the lives of compatriots uprooted by the ongoing war. The non-profit provides a nurturing environment for skilled women refugees displaced in Lebanon to restore their livelihoods by crafting exquisite homewares of heirloom quality for the global market. Working together, the women find a sense of home while preserving their cultural heritage. Oshana is a source of pride, happiness, and healing, living up to its name, which means "palm tree" in Aramaic, a symbol of life.

Oshana supports

  • Gender Advocacy
  • Marginalized Communities
  • Heritage Craft Preservation
  • Natural Materials
Why Goodee Loves


Oshana pays homage to centuries of Syrian craftsmanship while promoting positive change for women refugees through dignified employment. Each piece is infused with Syrian culture, adding beauty, meaning, and a sense of connection to your home.