Redecker has been creating handmade household brushes using traditional methods and natural materials for over 80 years. The German family-owned company was established by Friedel Redecker, who turned to brushmaking after going blind as a child. His commitment to detail and quality laid the foundation for the success of his business, which garnered an international reputation for excellence over time. Three generations later, each new product stays true to the family values, namely making beautiful, purposeful, and durable objects from renewable materials — products that both family members and employees can be proud of.

Redecker supports

  • Circular Economy
  • Natural Materials
  • Community Engagement
  • Heritage Craft Preservation
Why Goodee Loves


From dusters to plant brushes, Redecker has a brush for everything. More than handy household essentials, they are items to treasure for life, quality products crafted with integrity that will help us move away from a throw-away culture.