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GOODEE is a leading curated marketplace where good design and good purpose come together.

Here, the conscious-minded consumer can find an inspiring array of goods made with intention, quality, and care by purposeful companies. From home decor to personal care, each beautiful, essential, and timeless item is carefully selected and vetted by our in-house sustainability team. A GOODEE stamp of approval means that every item we offer is ethically made and transparently sourced. Our brand partners report to us on their materials, supply chain, labor standards, ecological footprint and business practices. That’s something we feel good about. And as you explore our items and brands—each telling its own authentic, meaningful story—we know you’ll feel the GOODEE spirit, too.

What We Believe

Our values are simple: We believe in good people, good design and good impact.

Driven by an unrelenting desire to co-create a better world, we built a platform centered around talented artisans making beautiful things and consumers looking to make a difference with their purchases.

We believe in storytelling. We proudly shed the spotlight on the moving stories behind the products.

We believe that magic happens when your circle gets wider and your table gets longer.

We believe conscious commerce has the power to transform the world.

As such, we tirelessly seek out the artists, makers and doers who are using their craft and vision to build a more beautiful, connected and equitable world and bring them to you.

What is important to us?
  • Circular Economy

    This product supports an economic system that minimizes waste and maximizes the function of each resource.

  • Community Engagement

    This organization includes employees in company operations, management decisions and supply chain, as well as participates actively in local initiatives.

  • Corporate Reporting

    This company is transparent in its business practices and reports annually on how it’s furthering its values and achieving its impact goals.

  • Gender Advocacy

    This company supports women by encouraging female leadership and creating a safe, equitable work environment free from gender-based discrimination and harassment.

  • Marginalized Communities

    A portion of proceeds from the sale of this product go towards disenfranchised groups that are specific to the brand’s social and cultural community.

  • Natural Materials

    This product has been crafted with materials that are derived from plants, animals, or other naturally occurring materials.

  • Poverty Reduction

    This brand ensures a living wage for its supply chain workers, while also providing opportunities for acceleration, professional development and leadership.

  • Recycled Materials

    To reduce waste, the ingredients in this product use upcycled materials, including scrap and repurposed materials from discarded goods.

  • Water Conservancy

    This item uses advanced techniques to preserve water and reduce its ecological footprint during the production process.

Our Story

In 2017, designers and creative directors Byron and Dexter Peart embarked on a new mission.

After founding the acclaimed brand WANT les Essentiels in 2007, the twin brothers set out on a new venture to launch and develop meaningful brands passionate in offering sustainable solutions for modern living. This time however, the pair decided to work exclusively with artisans and products that make a strong social or environmental impact. Goodee leads the charge in curating a marketplace that brings together the values of good design, good people, good purpose. With a creative and passionate team split between Montreal and New York, Byron and Dexter act as creative directors for the platform, which is growing to become a global e-commerce platform and storytelling destination.

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