Berg's Potter

When Victor Berg, a young accountant, inherited a ceramics shop full of plant pots in the heart of Copenhagen in 1942, he decided to start selling flowers alongside his old clay pots in the hope that this would bring joy to the local community — and so it did. Years after the end of World War II, his children joined the business, and, traveling throughout Europe in quest of the highest quality clay and skilled craftspeople, they found just what they were looking for in Tuscany. To this day, the Danish company continues to create exquisite, plant-loving terracotta pots in Italy, working with the same family-owned workshop and upholding one of the region’s most ancient crafts.

Bergs Potter supports

  • Natural Materials
  • Heritage Craft Preservation
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Bergs Potter
Hoff Saucer Ø14
Rust Glazed Emerald Glazed Pearl Grey Glazed Quartz Rose Glazed + 1 more
Bergs Potter
Hoff Saucer Ø18
Quartz Rose Glazed Pearl Grey Glazed Emerald Glazed Rust Glazed + 1 more
Bergs Potter
Hoff Saucer Ø30
From $45.00
Emerald Glazed Rust Glazed Pearl Grey Glazed Quartz Rose Glazed Raw Grey + 2 more
Bergs Potter
Copenhagen Pot Ø14
From $24.00
Yellow Glazed Sandstone Glazed Raw Rosa Emerald Glazed + 1 more
Bergs Potter
Copenhagen Pot Ø18
From $39.00
Raw Rosa Yellow Glazed Emerald Glazed Sandstone Glazed + 1 more
Why Goodee Loves

Bergs Potter

The brand’s passion for history and craftsmanship is evident in all its designs, as is its commitment to quality. Each piece is designed for longevity, only getting more beautiful with every passing day — the perfect choice for the mindful home.