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Established in 1908 on the Danish island of Funen, Carl Hansen & Søn has become a flagship of Scandinavian design. With a profound respect for natural materials and traditional woodwork, the family-run company produces iconic furniture by mid-century masters and continually reimagines classics through collaborations with pioneering designers. The brand has a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability, which translates into ongoing efforts to minimize its environmental impact — from using FSC-certified wood to turning waste into power for the community — and nurture a highly skilled craft workforce.

Carl Hansen & Søn supports


Heritage Craft Preservation

This product supports the preservation of heritage crafts and enables artisans to create sustainable livelihoods through their traditional skills

Natural Materials

This product has been crafted with materials that are derived from plants, animals, or other naturally occurring materials.

Circular Economy

This product supports an economic system that minimizes waste and maximizes the function of each resource.

Why Goodee Loves Carl Hansen & Søn

Cherished the world over for its timeless designs built to last for generations, Carl Hansen & Søn is leading the way as a sustainably-minded furniture brand that cares both for people and the planet.