In the vibrant world of Mahota Textiles, every stitch and pattern is a tribute to the rich Chickasaw heritage. Guided by Margaret, an award-winning weaver, this trailblazing company stands as the first North American tribe-owned textile brand, blending Oklahoma's Chickasaw artistry with sustainable practices. Using natural materials, their textiles weave stories of the Chickasaw legacy, capturing the essence and creativity of Chickasaw women across generations. At Mahota, tradition and innovation are interwoven, creating textiles that honor history and champion a more sustainable future.

Mahota Textiles supports

  • Natural Materials
  • Heritage Craft Preservation
  • Gender Advocacy
Why Goodee Loves

Mahota Textiles

Mahota Textiles artfully weaves the Circle of Life, a cornerstone of Chickasaw culture, into its ethos, celebrating continuity, growth, and sustainability. Through collaborations with Native American artisans, Mahota extends its creative legacy while honoring its heritage.