A Good Sweep

A Good Sweep

Your How-To Guide for Eco-Friendly and Design-Worthy Brooms and Brushes

Words by Alexia Jacquot

Images by Celia Spenard-Ko

Brooms and brushes have been household staples for centuries for good reason. So when looking to reduce your environmental footprint, choose well-crafted designs built from natural materials like wood, broomcorn, and straw. Not only are they made to last a lifetime, but they can also enhance the aesthetic of your space. Our essential guide showcases a selection of attractive artisanal options you'll be proud to display (especially when storage is tight), along with tips for maximizing their use.

 Plant Brush

The Redecker Plant Brush

Meet your plants’ new best friend — an eco-friendly alternative to paper towels and disposable dusters. Its natural goat hair bristles keep your houseplants healthy and happy, and as a bonus, it doubles as a delicate duster for delicate items.

Care Tip: Remember to give your brush some love too: regularly wash it with mild shampoo, towel dry, and let it air dry like you would your hair.


Table Brush Set

The Iris Hantverk Table Brush Set

Crumb brushes aren't just for fine dining restaurants — they're handy tools at home too. Enter the adorable Iris Hantverk set, crafted with care by visually impaired artisans. Though small in size, it will get the job done with its soft horsehair bristles.

And here's the best part: it's not limited to the dining table! Keep one set by your workspace to ensure it stays spotless. And why not gift little ones their own set too? They’ll love having their very own tools for clean-up duties.


Glass Brush

The Iris Hantverk Glass Brush

With this charming non-plastic brush, washing delicate glassware becomes effortless. Its flat-bottomed design and soft horsehair bristles gently clean the insides of wine glasses, tumblers, and vases without any risk of scratching, even reaching those hard-to-get spots in your beloved vintage Art Deco pieces.

Care Tip: Simply hang the brush in an airy spot after rinsing to keep it pristine and elevate your sink's aesthetic.


Shakerbraid Broom

The Berea Shakerbraid Natural Broom

Why settle for an ordinary broom when you can have a Shakerbraid Broom? This fine example of Berea College students' craftsmanship is made with strong, natural fibers hand-harvested from broomcorn, making easy work of dust, dirt, and pet hair.

Double Duty: Indoors or outdoors, this all-purpose household favorite is a joy to use. Hang it in plain sight so you can admire the hand-woven detailing while keeping it in tip-top shape.


Long Handle Dust Pan
Long Handle Dust Pan + Broom Set

The Iris Hantverk Long Handle Dust Pan and Broom Set

Broken glass in the dining room? Soil on the balcony? This dynamic duo is here to make cleaning a breeze without any bending or squatting. Crafted with natural horsehair bristles and a durable birch handle, it sweeps up the finest debris in one fell swoop. Plus, it includes a 100% recycled propylene dustpan exclusive to Goodee. (No wonder the New York Times recommends it.)

Care Tip: If the bristles lose their shape, simply wet them in lukewarm water and gently reshape while damp.


Whisk Broom
Whisk Broom

The Berea Whisk Broom

If you need to clean small debris and tight spaces, a whisk broom is just the ticket (and it's also a valuable tool for teaching kids to help with chores). This artful Turkey-wing style, crafted from harvested broomcorn with a sturdy wooden handle, takes it up a notch.

Double Duty: Hang it on your wall as a decorative accent, or keep it within reach in your car or near your workbench.

Both utilitarian goods and artistic design pieces, these hand-crafted beauties will make all of the difference in your home, while contributing to a more sustainable future.




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