B Corp Certification

B Corp Certification

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B Corp Certification

GOODEE is officially B Corp Certified! Discover our journey to certification.
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Good News: We are Now a Certified B Corp™


We’re beyond thrilled to announce that, following a thorough evaluation by the non-profit B Lab of how our business practices impact both people and the planet, GOODEE has earned B Corp™ Certification. This certification means that our company “meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose”— an achievement we’ve worked for since the idea of GOODEE was born.

Why is this important to us?

Certified B Corps are companies on a mission to evolve the existing economic system by “using business as a force for good”. Being a B CorpTM is not just a legal status: it’s a way of doing business consciously and responsibly.
As a company founded on principles of sustainability and mindful connection to our world, we felt that joining the B Corp community was a natural fit. Becoming B Corp certified validates our raison d’être, which is to make the world a more beautiful, connected, and equitable place by bringing together the values of good design, good people, and good purpose. This certification also ensures we always live up to the high standards we’ve set for ourselves. We’re committed to creating a positive impact and our B Corp certification marks the beginning of our journey. Last but not least, we’re excited to join an ambitious community of purpose-driven leaders such as Patagonia or Veja, to only name a few: We couldn’t be in better company as we embark on this exciting journey!

So how did we become B Corp certified?

We completed the B Impact Assessment conducted by B Lab after months of hard work. The in-depth assessment verifies that we consider our social and environmental impact in all our decisions, promote transparency, and are accountable to our team members, supply chain partners, and the local community — a process that has helped us identify ways that we can be a better business and continuously improve.

What does this mean for you?

When you purchase goods from GOODEE, you’re not only buying beautifully crafted, high-quality products for your home, but you’re also supporting a business model designed to foster a more inclusive, fair, and sustainable economy. B Corporations are advocating for systemic change, and with an ever-growing community of over 3,000 certified companies across more than 50 countries, the movement is gaining traction all around the globe. So you, as a mindful customer, are part of something much bigger. Collectively we have the power to accelerate a global cultural shift and make a positive impact on the world.

How do we select the brands that we support?

We tirelessly seek out the artists, makers, and doers from around the world who share our values and use their craft and vision to champion global causes. Whether it’s empowering women in marginalized communities, designing for a circular economy, or providing clean energy, these inspiring brands are pushing for change, and we want to shed the spotlight on their remarkable stories.

How do we ensure that the goods we curate are made responsibly?

Transparency and traceability are central to what GOODEE stands for. To make sure that every item we bring you is ethically made and transparently sourced, we develop meaningful relationships with all our brand partners and keep score of the materials they use, their supply chain, labor standards, ecological footprint, and business practices through our own in-house assessment system.

How do we serve our community?

Building a diverse team is a crucial part of creating an inclusive economy that benefits all. We are strongly committed to equal opportunity and support diversity and inclusion in our multicultural Montreal office. We're also proud that more than half of the brand partners we showcase on our platform are led by women from different parts of the world.

What’s next for GOODEE?

As a B CorpTM, our aim is to constantly seek to do things better and be the best we can for the world. The best part of it is: we’re not alone on this journey. All B Corps are dedicated to improving their positive impact over time while helping other companies do the same. We learn from one another, inspire, and get inspired. At GOODEE, we love to partner up with like-minded creators within the certified community so that we can share their good work with you and ultimately design a world where everyone feels at home. Stay tuned for new exciting partnerships and collaborations!

Curious to see how we fared in the B Impact Assessment? Take a look at our B Impact Report

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