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Behind The Skateroom

How Charles-Antoine Bodson set out to help empower youth through art and skateboarding, by Faith-Ann Young.

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What is Goodee?

We empower creators, makers and consumers to make a social impact through a global marketplace that fosters transparent sourcing, upcycling, ethical treatment of its employees and waste reduction. Simply put, good design and good purpose intersect here.

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What is important to us?
  • Recycled Materials

    To reduce waste, the ingredients in this product use upcycled materials, including scrap and repurposed materials from discarded goods.

  • Natural Materials

    This product has been crafted with materials that are derived from plants, animals, or other naturally occurring materials.

  • Circular Economy

    This product supports an economic system that minimizes waste and maximizes the function of each resource.

  • Water Conservancy

    This item uses advanced techniques to preserve water and reduce its ecological footprint during the production process.

  • Gender Advocacy

    This company supports women by encouraging female leadership and creating a safe, equitable work environment free from gender-based discrimination and harassment.

  • Community Engagement

    This organization includes employees in company operations, management decisions and supply chain, as well as participates actively in local initiatives.

  • Poverty Reduction

    This brand ensures a living wage for its supply chain workers, while also providing opportunities for acceleration, professional development and leadership.

  • Marginalized Communities

    A portion of proceeds from the sale of this product go towards disenfranchised groups that are specific to the brand’s social and cultural community.

  • Corporate Reporting

    This company is transparent in its business practices and reports annually on how it’s furthering its values and achieving its impact goals.

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Good Stories
Meet the makers and the stories behind their products.
  • "Bless your loved ones (and yourself) with a piece that has a story, a purpose, and, yes, some positively fuego design"
  • "A uniquely inspirational, aspirational and educational design destination"
  • "From bowls to benches to cushions to soap, the products demonstrate sustainability in a range of forms"
  • "What the world needs to finally merge the twin pillars of ethical consumption and good design"
  • "This platform connects an ecosystem of makers to consumers looking to make better choices."
  • "I walked away impressed with their vision for ethically made, transparently-sourced goods that also live up to their exacting design standards."
  • "A new home and lifestyle e-commerce platform that puts good design and sustainability at its forefront"
  • "A measure of certainty about a standard of quality that is so rare in this world where what you see is not often what you get."