Press Reset: How to Design an Inspiring Workspace at Home
Decor Tips

Press Reset: How to Design an Inspiring Workspace at Home

A well-thought-out setup that looks good and does good.
Decor Tips

Press Reset:
How to Design an Inspiring Workspace
at Home

A well-thought-out setup that looks good and does good.


Image of Tala Enno Bulb provided by Tala

If you work from home regularly, crafting a workspace with purpose will make all the difference in how you approach your projects. Here are a few ways you can put a mindful stamp on your workspace to keep you forever inspired.

Designate a specific work zone

Don't have an extra room to make a home office? With a little creativity, even the smallest space can be turned into a functional study nook. Pick a spot with natural light and consider a slimline desk and shelves on the walls to reduce floor space.

When it comes to choosing a seat, the Red Navy Chair by Emeco brings the right amount of sustainable style and enduring comfort thanks to its ergonomically molded seat. Made from recycled PET, this iconic stool is light but impactful.

Fulfill your five senses

Make your workspace a place where you love to spend time by infusing it with your favorite colors and uplifting vibes. Surround yourself with meaningful items that ‘spark joy’ in the words of Marie Kondo — for instance, an inspirational board, a soft rug, or even scented candles.

Stock your shelves with authors that inspire you or creativity-inducing books to help you overcome those dreaded lulls.

Organize your workspace intentionally

Whether you’re drawn to minimalism or can’t live without a little ‘creative clutter’, choose a set up that fits your natural workflow. Limit your workspace to the items you use most — and if they don’t serve a purpose, put them away!

Creative workspace Skagerak Fionia Tray

With its minimal Scandinavian design, the Fionia Tray by ethical Danish brand Skagerak offers a stylish storage solution for stationery items or to keep your laptop safely stowed when not in use.

Bring the outdoors in

The perks of having houseplants go beyond aesthetics. Indeed, living plants are known to improve productivity, reduce stress, and boost your mood. Introducing greenery will literally breathe new life into your working space!

Skagerak Edge Pot with Plants
Creative workspace with Skagerak Tea Pot

First: Inspired by ancient Greek-Egyptian craftsmanship, Skagerak’s responsibly made terracotta Edge Pots bring a warm, earthy feel to your space. Glazed or unglazed — the choice is yours. Second: Skagerak Edge Tea Pot and bowls

Plan for tea breaks

There’s nothing like a warm cup of tea to soothe your mind and help you focus (not to mention the countless health benefits associated with drinking tea). So keep your favorite tea varieties handy to accompany you through the day.

Designed in elegant terracotta, the Edge Tea Pot by Skagerak will preserve the full flavor of your tea and with care, will last a lifetime. Team it up with a matching Edge Mug and savor the moment as you sip your brew of choice.

Time to head out to a meeting? Simply stash your tech, notebooks and other essentials in your Goodee Tote Bag and off you go!