Goodee Instagram in Review: 2020

Goodee Instagram in Review: 2020

Before we welcome the New Year and all the potential for positive change it holds, let’s take a look back at the top 10 Instagram posts that captured your hearts in 2020.

Enjoy our roundup of standout stories from around the world highlighting good people, good design, and good impact, and join us as we continue to share these inspiring stories every day. 

The Bella Lamp ☀️

Created by skilled weavers living in Burkina Faso, the Bella Lamp is part of the Weaving for Change initiative—an extension of AAKS that focuses on creating income and opportunities for its talented African partners. What you (specifically, 2000+ of you!) loved most? The colors, and hand-crafted feeling of the lamp.
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Margaret Courtney-Clarke

For her African Canvas series, Margaret Courtney-Clarke went on a three-year trek from Nigeria to Mauritania and inland to Mali to capture the beautiful mural paintings made by women in remote villages — an art passed down from one generation to the next. If we could sum up some of our feelings in a comment, this one from you, would be quite close to it: "I have kept a postcard of this image for over 20 years. I love it so much I could never send it."

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Hitachi Seaside

A spacious park famous for its flower fields and fluffy Kochia bushes, Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan’s Ibaraki prefecture, was not always the glorious slice of nature it is known as today. An image of nature so beautiful, you had to tag your friends.

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 Oumou Sy

She is known as "Senegal's Queen of Couture". Fashion designer Oumou Sy (@oumou_sy_styliste_officiel) may be reluctant to embrace the label, but her achievements speak for themselves. A prominent figure in Dakar’s creative scene and one of Africa’s biggest names in fashion, Sy is also a force of nature who breaks all the codes. Breathtaking. Stunning. Gorgeous - we can go on, but we'll let you discover these comments and more yourself.

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California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture — otherwise known as Cal-Earth (@calearthinstitute) — teaches anyone wishing to learn how to build homes using mostly local soil. Inspired by ancient earthen-construction techniques. With over a billion people around the world are currently living without adequate shelter, Cal-Earth provides an innovative solution. In our top 10 commented posts of the year, your comments showed a real resonance with the desire for sustainable housing opportunities in the future.

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Abdulla Elmaz

To experience the world through the lens of fashion photographer and art director Abdulla Elmaz is to embark on a surrealist journey through the full range of human emotions, from pain to joy and hope. From fire emojis to hearts, the love poured in for this feature.

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Jipi Baubles

Handcrafted in the Andes by Colombian artisans, these eye-catching baubles by Ames truly caught the eyes of all. From regrams, to Instagram Stories features - the joy these baubles brought to everyone truly warmed our hearts.

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Francis Kokoroko "Tall Tales"

“The higher the basket: the closer to Heaven // Our heavenly Speciality Baskets are the utmost in excellence crafted over three weeks by our master weavers only!" - Baba Tree Baskets. From the styling, to the baskets, and the concept, this post brought joy to so many of our followers. Photographed by Francis Kokoroko and styled by Bettina McILwraith in Ghana - the onslaught of 'stunnings' this feature brought out couldn't echo our sentiments better.

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Nkuli Mlangeni-Berg

“The design space is still not very accessible to people of color, plus design education is expensive. I think more work needs to be done to make it more inclusive." Founder of The Ninevites, Nkuli Mlangeni-Berg shares her thoughts only to receive resounding support from our community. As a woman paving the way for more opportunity within the design world for People of Color, we are thrilled to be in great company with her. See the post


Byron and Dexter Peart

« When something is a half-century old and people are taking pictures of it every morning while you’re having your coffee, it reminds you about the enduring potential of design done well. » Dexter Peart, Co-founder of Goodee World in Elle Decor, August 2020

We couldn't possibly round out our year without sharing your love for our founders Byron and Dexter Peart. Inspiring, role-models, and mission driven (your words, our sentiments), Byron and Dexter pave our way forward for building a real business as a force for good that elevates and celebrates people, design and impact everyday.


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