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Giving Time
For a little over four years, our Tuesdays gave me the ability to see time: We would have these long-winded conversations about everything, then everything became a few things, and a few things eventually became the same thing, over and over, because of his Alzheimer's. Over the years, I always thought I was giving him my time, but looking back, he was giving me his

- Celia Spenard-Ko, Editorial, Read the story
Celia's picks

1917 Scented Candle I see aroma as being very much a part of the decor and different candles, incense, diffusers can transport you to different times. Also, since I cook a lot, it definitely helps with lingering garlic. 

Bassi Market Tote I like being able to have tote options to carry my cameras in, so I'm not always stuck bringing my heavy duty camera bags everywhere I go. The Bassi is sturdy and roomy enough to carry the weight of my 35mm with an extra lens so I don't miss a moment.