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Our Impact in 2023

As we celebrate five years in operation, five years of working daily to champion good people, good design, and good impact, we're proud to share our fourth annual Impact Report. 

This report marks a meaningful milestone in our journey. It highlights our achievements toward our short-term goals (2021-2023), while paving the way for our 2027 mid-term goals. 

So find a cozy spot and discover how, together, we made a difference this past year. Thank you for being with us on this journey toward a kinder, smarter, and more beautiful world

At a Glance

We re-certified our B Corp status with a score of 89.5 - 9.4 points up from our first certification in 2020 (80.1 points)

We welcomed 10 new brand partners from 8 different countries

We united our team under one
to shift from remote working to a hybrid model inaugurating a new headquarters with the first company in Quebec to earn Certified B Corporation status.

Empowering Craft and Underserved Communities

Tensira, Guinea

We're making a tangible difference in underserved communities with 40% of our brand partners working in these communities in 2023, exceeding our 2028 goal of 30%.

Between 2021 to 2023, we onboarded 40 brand partners that create products celebrating preserved crafts — above our target of 20 for this time period.

In 2023, 62% of our brand partners promoted endangered crafts, accounting for 60% of our sales. And 16 out of 40 brand partners preserving endangered crafts reported a noticeable increase in their annual sales while partnering with GOODEE.

Our Progress: 2021-2023

Executive management roles at Goodee held by people who self-identify as ethnic minorities (DEIJ)* -

Target 40% Performance 43%

Brand partners are operating in underserved areas

Target 30% Performance 40%

Establish strategic partnerships/relationships with civil society organizations in the communities from which GOODEE sources its products

Target 5 Performance 4


Looking Ahead

Burkina Faso Cotton ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative, Anne Mimault

As we head into our mid-term goals, we are committed to maintaining and building on our progress as a company that was built on a commitment to doing better. A few initiatives to come:

Roll out our Environmental Policy to the majority of our brand partners, encouraging them to align their efforts with ours.

A commitment to achieving all our short-term community goals in the mid-term, specifically meeting our targets set for BIPOC-owned businesses and Women or Non-Binary owned.

Ensuring local communities of our artisan brands recognize that Goodee is committed to their long-term development through more in-depth and sustained local partnerships.

Read Our 2023 Impact Report

Want to know more about our positive impact on people and the planet in 2023? Make yourself comfortable and take a deep dive into our full Impact Report. We hope you enjoy the read.

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A Note From Our Founders

Creating our annual impact report has become a meaningful tradition at GOODEE. It provides us with an opportunity to reflect on our efforts and reaffirm our values and the impact we wish to have on the world. This year’s edition holds particular significance, as it marks the completion of the short-term goals (2021-2023) set in our impact framework, laying the groundwork for our mid-term goals to be completed by 2027. Thank you for being on this journey with us.

Byron & Dexter Peart
GOODEE’s Founders