Working with domestic waste means that the nature of the input material is always different and will perform dynamically. Within the standardized operating procedures, the manufacturing is done to a great extent manually. During production, some factors are beyond control, due to the variable and valuable nature of the input material.

The outcome varies in each production batch and each individual product. This can result in:

  • Different positioning and distribution of particles,
  • Different density and distribution of the pattern,
  • Rattling particles,
  • Gaps between particles on the surface,
  • Variations in color and color density within different batches of the same colorway.

These features are a natural result of the unique process. Outcome variations may affect the appearance of the products with unpredictable particle and pattern performance. The quality and safety of the products are not impacted by these variations, and they cannot be a reason for return, refund, or exchange.

Domestic waste is generated by household consumption, unlike standardized virgin plastic and industrial waste. Choosing to work with domestic waste is much more challenging. The commitment to environmental responsibility is honored by making the most of the precious resources on the planet. The products show the beautiful results of recycling and inspire the community to help create a better planet for the next generation.

Safety & Durability

Each product goes through rigorous safety and durability testing. Products made of recycled polyethylene have elastic characteristics. The Charlie Chair is designed to be used as a “chair for children” and has been tested for durability. It will not break when used for its intended purpose. Cracking and breaking caused by misuse are the sole responsibility of the user.