Prior to first use treat your gardening tools with linseed oil to maintain their appearance, prevent drying, and repel dirt. This includes handles, stainless steel parts, and blades.

How to maintain your tools in 4 steps:

Step 1: Clean them - Start by removing dirt and rust using a stiff brush, as this helps prevent the spread of plant diseases. For steel tools, you can also use rough sandpaper on the larger blades, but this step is unnecessary for stainless steel tools.

Step 2: Sharpen - A sharp spade enhances your gardening experience, so use quality tool sharpeners. Focus on sharpening the sloping cutting edge and maintain the correct angle. Avoid using electric sharpeners, as they can generate high temperatures that alter the material's quality.

Step 3: Oil - Apply a thin layer of cooked linseed oil to the blade and wooden handles, then store the oil-soaked cloth in an airtight container, away from open flames, to prevent it from catching fire.

Step 4: Storage - This is a common challenge for many gardeners. However, the better care you take of your tools, the longer they will last. Keep tools with wooden handles dry after use, store them out of direct sunlight, and avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures or humidity changes. Lastly, ensure tools are kept out of reach of children.