Baba Tree

During his travels to Ghana to study cultural drumming, musician Gregory ‘Ayinedollah’ MacCarthy fell in love with the country’s vibrant culture and craftsmanship. Holding the vision to bring Ghana’s handmade products to his native Canada, Baba Tree was born. Years later, the brand prides itself on being the fairest trader in Bolgatanga, providing its many employees with competitive compensation and job opportunities, while providing its customers with a peerless collection of colorful, handwoven baskets native that symbolize Ghana’s creativity, hope and inspiration.

Baba Tree supports

  • Natural Materials
  • Poverty Reduction
  • Community Engagement
  • Water Conservancy
  • Heritage Craft Preservation
  • Marginalized Communities
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Baba Tree
Bicycle Basket (Large)
Multicolor Natural & Black Natural & Brown Natural Pink & Black + 1 more
Baba Tree
Bolga Fan
Pink Orange & Aqua Black & Natural Green, Blue & Yellow Ochre, Pink, & Khaki + 1 more
Baba Tree
Tiny Pakurigo Basket
Black & White Rust Ochre Multicolor + 1 more
Baba Tree
Pakurigo Basket
Natural Black & White Gold, Natural, & Rust Multicolor + 1 more