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Kumanokoido — a portmanteau of the Japanese words for ‘bear cub’ and ‘water well’ — started out in 2012 in the spirit of cross-cultural friendship. Following a trip through Dogon country in Mali, West Africa, Tokyo native and Brooklyn based designer Junichi Nakane was inspired to create a line of teddy bears as a fundraising tool to build clean water wells and bridge the gaps in service provision for the local community. Each unique Kumanokoido product is handcrafted using fabrics from around the world and designed to connect people throughout the globe in the most endearing fashion.

Kumanokoido supports


Marginalized Communities

A portion of proceeds from the sale of this product go towards disenfranchised groups that are specific to the brand’s social and cultural community.

Recycled Materials

To reduce waste, the ingredients in this product use upcycled materials, including scrap and repurposed materials from discarded goods.

Camo Bear



Wax Print Bear



Boro Kimono Fish



Why Goodee Loves Kumanokoido

Kumanokoido is packed with heart. Along with spreading a meaningful message of human values to the world through their adorable creations, the brand is making a positive difference in the lives of others.